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Berry Organic Farm became Certified with Organic Growers Australia (OGA) in 2004.

Suzanne believes in the importance of integrity when it comes to producing food. Coming from a farming background has nutured a love of the land and its seasons, good and bad. Being organically inclined certification was a natural process.

Suzanne beleives that a Healthy soil is essential for healthy plants, food, animals and most importantly people. No tillage is practised in the rubus growing areas and cover crops of clover add valuable organic matter to the soil.

Green manure is slashed and left to rot down so that organic matter is constantly being added during this natural process.

No herbicides or insecticides are used at all. We let nature do the balancing act of controlling good bugs against bad. While this may cost through loss of first grade fruit early in the season the pendulum swings to a more even playing field as the season progresses and the plants become stronger.